Time For A Redesign ?

Time For A Redesign ?

You have a successful business website that gains a fair amount of hits and describes your service well…so why would you need to redesign your website?

Below are three reasons why you could boost your profits and provide potential customers with the 2018 website experience they need.

  1. It’s all about being responsive.

Nowadays the importance of mobile responsive websites is paramount. You must have been scrolling the internet looking for a place to eat, get some help or find a service and be baffled by not being able to see the company’s website clearly on your phone/ tablet. This could be due to menus not displaying correctly, images that take ages to load or just bad user efficiency problem. I know how frustrating this could be so don’t you think in 2018 its time to update this so that we can all go about our daily internet needs more efficiently and in a way, that pleases the human eye, the answer to that question is YES.

As the nation is using mobile devices a lot more in fact 52.2 % of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 % in the previous year. This explains also how we use our devices it gives users the first look at your company and therefore the first impression. If they are pleased with the way the site function’s they usually will remember and revisit and let’s face it that benefits users and your company.

  1. being user-friendly is easy peasy.

By redesigning a website to be more user-friendly and attractive is also important this is often called UX and UI it stands for user experience and user interface. To narrow in on the user-friendliness of your own website you may have think of the key factors of your audience and that is what is explain in UX and UI, some common questions you may have to ask yourself are, what the site visitors are there for? how easy can they find what they are looking for? and how are they using the site? Below are some helpful facts and figures explaining the importance on developing user friendliness into your site.

By considering the facts mentioned in the infographic it really explains helpful ways in which user-friendliness is important and ways you could change or redesign pages to become more suitable for the business site to earn more revenue.

  1. Search engines can’t see you.

Another common reason to resign your site would be for the simple fact you have no accurate SEO factors. SEO stands for search engine optimisation this handy tool makes your website appear on search engines higher, therefore, giving you more views by potential customers.

SEO ranks your content on your site to make sure its authentic and interesting this is done by links to pages, comments and very cleverly in the language you use on your site. This SEO malarkey is a very big game in the world of websites and successful businesses. For more information to bust the jargon or web design, our team would love to help you so don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and I hope it provided you with some helpful tips and aided you with your decision to perhaps redesign and update your business website.

Benefits of SDD over Traditional HDD

Benefits of SDD over Traditional HDD

Choosing between SSD and HDD is one of the toughest debates that has been going on for a long time now. After all, a hard disk is just a hard disk, right?

Absolutely wrong!

While a hard disk is used to store the data of your computer until recently hard disk drive (HDD) dominated the market for computer storage. This was primarily because they were affordable large storage capacity at comparatively low prices. But with the advent of solid state drive (SSD) in the recent years, there has been a remarkable trend shift in the flash-based storage technology.

An SSD does virtually everything a hard drive does but the data is stored on interconnected flash memory chips that retain data even when there is no power present much like the USB stick.

The SSD vs. HDD debate, here are some benefits of SSD and why they are a better choice.

  1. An SSD consumes less power than an HDD because it has no moveable parts: HDD relies on the movement of the magnetic disk to function. This makes it energy efficient and reduces the tendency of the system to overheat.
  2. SSD is faster than HDD: An SSD is about 25 to 100 times faster than an HDD. This in effect results to faster boot time, faster file transfer, greater bandwidth for enterprise computing, faster processing speed and launch among other benefits. 
  3. An SSD is much more compact than an HDD: They are also more durable than HDD as well as charge less maintenance because they don’t have moving parts.
  4. It is noise-free: SSD have no rotating metal disk, so no sound is made while it is functional. HDD’s are quite renowned for the humming sound that they make due to the rotation of the magnetic disk.
  5. An SSD is much more durable than HDD: Since it has no movable parts it is resistant to drops and shudders which will most definitely affect an HDD because it has movable parts.
  6. SSD are not susceptible to fragmentation: What’s fragmentation? When large files become scattered in the drive because it is becoming filled up with data, it’s known as fragmentation which can make you frustrated and confused. Thus, SSD helps you keep your PC or laptop clean and organised.

However, when it comes to price and storage space the traditional hard drives have the advantage. You can rarely find an SSD with 4TB storage at the moment also SSDs are more expensive compared to HDDs currently.

Benefits of Upgrading to SSD vs. Buying a New Computer

Buying a new computer system is not always the best option out there when there are hardware and software components to upgrade your system.  You can make your computer new again by simply upgrading it.

When you decide whether you should upgrade your drive to SSD or buy a new system, we suggest you consider the following benefits of an upgrade:

  • It is a cheaper option to get your system up and running optimally than to get a new computer. It definitely costs less to get an SSD than it is to get a new computer system. Besides new computer systems are made every now and then with different and better features, how often would you keep buying new computer systems?
  • You have more options when it comes to upgrading to SSD than buying a new system. Upgrading to an SSD gives you the option of choosing the amount of space you would need. Buying a new system limits that option. With a new computer, you get what is pre-installed.

The price of SSDs have recently decreased significantly due to a worldwide shortage of memory. The reduction has led to an increased demand for solid state drive with retailers complaining of not being able to meet demands for SSD.


Should I upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Should I upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

Microsoft’s announcement of discontinuing support for its 9 years old desktop OS Windows 7 in 2020 has left its users concerned and apprehensive. But you can easily upgrade to Windows 10 now and forego its Start menu tile appearance too.

Read on to find out how.

Windows 7 without any doubt was an iconic update after Windows XP. Its popularity was proved by the large market it had gained.

As shown in the data collected by the California based internet data analytics firm, Net Applications, Windows 7 still continues to be heavily used around the world. It was still running on 50% of all PC’s four years after the launch of Windows 8.1. Its love, admiration and acceptance were characterised by its new features, compatibility, easiness-to-use and affordability.

But we cannot neglect the growing cyber threats and technological frauds occurring all over the globe. In the light of this Markus Nitschke, Head of Windows at Microsoft Germany passed on a statement quoting “Windows 7 is slowly advancing in years. Already, it neither fits the requirements of the users of modern technologies nor meets the high-security requirements of IT departments. As earlier with Windows XP, we recommend that companies should take early steps to avoid future risks or costs.”

Hence, the need to upgrade to the powerful Windows 10 operating system software, which is the deep-dive approach by Microsoft to counter all the limitations of previous versions. Keeping in mind all the needs, wants and feedback surveys, Windows 10 is a power-packed system for its users.

To easily list down the 10 core values incorporated in Windows 10, here’s the list of major advancements –

  • Free new feature updates of Windows 10
  • The new Windows assistant, Cortana
  • Ensuring compatibility to Tablet mode through Continuum
  • A lucid way of listing Notifications in the Action Center
  • Snap View for higher productivity
  • Greater security on log-in via Windows Hello
  • Compatibility with Xbox One game streaming
  • Simple ways for Storage Management
  • Settings App having both the features of Settings as well as Control Panel
  • The new Microsoft Edge web browser which is much more efficient than the older Microsoft Explorer browser

Last but not the least, the Start menu which had a bumpy ride in the Windows 8.1 update is totally revamped. The modified version of the Start Menu is a combination of the style of Windows 7 on the left side with options like Settings, Most Used Apps, Most Recent Apps and Power options.

Whereas, on the right side there are the Live Tiles from Windows 8.1 which can be resized, bringing best of both the worlds.

For some who still find the new Start Menu of Windows 10 a hassle, there are customised third-party solutions to help you with your customisation.

Classic Shell’ is one such software which helps improve productivity through customisation of the Start menu. It can be completely personalised to suit your requirement with multiple style and skins. Moreover, it provides a quick access to key productivity enhancers finding documents, files, and folders to the frequently used and pinned programs.

If you are a gamer or tech-savvy individual, upgrading to Windows 10 will also give you access to some amazing graphics technology and other features. Transition to Windows 10 has already exceeded 53 million PC installs already, with less than a year and a half until Windows 7 becomes end of life.

Are you ready to join them?

Month: July 2018