How do Customers Find you?

How do Customers Find you?

Ever wondered what customers search for to get to your website?

The BUZZWORD you may of heard of is SEO which stands for the search engine optimization. This is basically the words in which a potential customer use to find you and where about’s you appear on that list on a search engine such Google or Bing.  Did you know that over 3.5 billion google searches are made every day ! that’s a lot of potential customers wanting to find something out. The clever people at google use a special algorithms to rank the websites based on the users search and the content on the destination site but everyone wants to be at the top.

Keywords is the key?

So I bet your thinking how do I get up the top and improve the traffic to my site ? well the answers are not that simple but various tricks can help you gain more visits. It does involve a lot of research of your field but rest assured some are simple. One helpful SEO enhancer is called google trends, this website shows you what the world is searching for for example when i’m writing this blog the current trend is ‘Megan Markle’. This handy site is categorized into 9, ranging from music searches to news articles.

The second trick is keywords, this is the content on which you have on your site matching with the search, by having the same language as potential customers. In this example I search  for the word  “Chelmsford” on google trends, and from the image below you can see how many people have had Chelmsford in their searches and also it tells you the trending searches within the constraints.This is a great tool to find out how your business is searched for, or what the current trend is around a certain word.


Above are the results based on the word ‘Chelmsford’ people have been searching for in the last seven days. As you can see from the image that there is a box labelled queries, I find this to be the most helpful box because that’s the actual text  what the users a typing to find what they are looking for.

So what about us ?

To really engage with our customers at A PC repair I  engage google analytics, this is another handy tool by google to analyse your site plus its free ! This handy piece of software shows where you’re getting your traffic from illustrated below and you can set time frames. This tool allows you to really focus on where your customers come from , device they use and how long they spend on your site, giving you feedback that could help you gain more activity from your site through improving certain channels.


More information on how we can help your  business with SEO click here 




The Benefits of Using a Cloud Based Antivirus

The Benefits of Using a Cloud Based Antivirus

There are many benefits of using a cloud based Antivirus, this new system is making its way into commercial use with such programs as Panda to protect all devices from harmful malware and processes. Below are some benefits of using this technology to protect your business devices. 

What is a cloud based antivirus?

Cloud Antivirus is a solution that transfers antivirus scans to a cloud-based server, rather than clogging up a user’s computer with a complete antivirus suite. While traditional security programs rely on the processing power of a user’s local computer, cloud computing solutions install only a small program on a desktop, which connects to the security provider’s Web service. There, data from antivirus scans are analysed, and instructions for appropriate solutions are sent back to the user’s computer.

Some of the benefits of cloud based Antivirus :

  • Reduces the strain of the processor  By relying on cloud technology to process and understand  the scan data provided, a user’s computer only needs to scan its file system periodically and then upload the results. This dramatically reduces the amount of processing power needed to keep a system safe.
  • Works in real time – real-time data can be pushed to the desktop client, updating local blacklists (malicious files and sites) and whitelists (approved files and sites), rather than waiting for a user to perform a manual update or relying on once-a-week or once-a-month automatic updates. Cloud antivirus is often less expensive than purchasing a full software suite. All common antivirus features such as virus scanning, scan scheduling, reporting and file removal are a part of cloud-based antivirus offerings. The processing location is the only significant change.
  • More efficient – Each instance of the antivirus is connected to the central server in the cloud. Scanning and virus updates can be done in real-time and automatically. This, therefore, reduces reliance on users waiting between the time a security breach is discovered and when protection sent to users.
  • Antivirus is needed- Some people think they don’t need antiviruses because they’re careful online – the truth is that, while being careful online does help a lot, antivirus applications are an important layer of security. You could be compromised by loading a webpage in a fully-patched browser with fully-patched plugins if your browser or the Flash plugin has a zero-day vulnerability that isn’t patched yet. In other words, you can become infected through no fault of your own. Having a cloud based antivirus gives you that protection you need

What we use at A PCRepair.

We use software called Panda this uses state of the art technology such as AI and Big Data to really protect your devices against all threats. They only deploy solutions when processes are malicious and harmful to your device and clever enough to detect attacks before they even happen. For more information on why Panda can protect your business please call us 


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