TeamViewer a tool that is unique

TeamViewer is a great tool used to allow remote access to your computer. This can be to fix any issues that may be occurring. We offer this tool as part of our service because it is the fast approach to problem-solving paramount for any business, to get you back on track and working fast!

How it works

Once the software is downloaded, Teamviewer uses a port to make a connection to a central server. Once the connection is made, you get a unique ID, and the server knows you’re online. Then all communication can happen.TeamViewer is a clever and very powerful program that will let you take remote control of a PC over the internet. This makes it ideal for retrieving files, and it’s also a great way of solving computer issues. The short video below describes the basics of the software.

Issues that can be solved through TeamViewer:

There are several issues that can be resolved through remote access.

  • Internet Diagnostics
  • Email  Client Problems
  • File Transfers
  • Guides and support needed
  • Can treat many instances on the same network with one solution

These are just a few examples of issues that can be resolved but many can be. We try and support your business in ways that are convenient and practical for you. For more information about the assistance and support, click the link below.

Sevices and support 







News We offer both on-site and remote support using Teamviewer.